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Not only the best light-up yo-yo on the market, but the Pulse? is a high-quality, perfectly balanced, ball-bearing yo-yo that is actually unique, and affordable. New lighting technology offers increased color changing lights and patterns with each second of increased spin time. It turns a standard 2-handed performance into a fantastic show of light and color! 2010-03-13 07:38:13

This yo-yo feels as smooth as it looks.

It comes with a high performance 5x11x5 mm bearing and a flowable silicone response system.

The inner halves of the yoyo are "schmooved", meaning that there is a groove made around the response system to reduce friction.

The exterior of the yo-yo has a specially designed lip that holds your finger in for long and smooth grinds.

This version of the Cold Metal Nano Blaster has an angry robot laser engraved in black which is a nice touch, as dark laser engravings are rare.

Moreover, the Nano Blaster yo-yo comes in a black collectible case along with a string.
2010-03-13 07:52:45

The Flying V was designed for legendary old school player, Ed Haponik. This yoyo has a super slim profile and a larger diameter similar to butterfly yoyos of yesterday, but includes current design elements for the modern player. The V comes stock with a wide gap for unresponsive play, but can be easily turned into a tug responsive yoyo for old school tricks. Simply change out the C bearing with the ?Slim C? bearing, add a couple drops of thick lube, double up the O-Stickers (both included in the box) and regen to your hearts content! 2010-03-13 07:58:03

The Luchador is an all-aluminum yo-yo released in 2007 by Throw Down, which integrates a very angular body shape with many popular features of recent high-end yo-yo's. The Luchador features a blasted, anodized two-tone finish (blue and gray) with laser engravings. It uses sticker response and a large Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearing stock. I modified mine to use a proto size Barking Spider Gummy Pad, schmoove rings, and a clean flat size C bearing. 2010-03-13 08:04:13

Designed with both play and aesthetics in mind, the SPYY Pistolero yo-yo creates a true best of both worlds scenario. Combining an ergonomic shape and the widest gap ever found in a SPYY yoyo with the mouth watering engravings around the outer rim modeled on a motif from a 1873 Colt Peacemaker six shooter.

This is the second release of the SPYY Pistolero yoyo but the first to be made widely available, the first version, which SPYY felt unfit for general sale due to some minor imperfections still received almost unanimous positive feedback from those who tried it, so just imagine how good this version of the SPYY Pistolero yoyo must be for even the perfectionists at SPYY to be happy with it!
2010-03-13 08:08:38

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