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yoyocase.net features

I built yoyocase.net to manange my own, as well as my friends yoyo collections. (Shout outs to the Cleveland Yo-Yo Club!) I wanted to make it easy to:

1. Post details of your yoyos; link photos from flickr/Photobucket accounts so you don't have to upload them:

add yoyo

2. Edit and save yoyo details:

edit yoyo

More fields are available for saving advanced details about each yoyo:

advanced fields: modder, serial number, acquisition price/date, etc.

3. Get an overview and a report of your collection:

collection view
collection report

4. View a gallery of your yoyos, including a lightbox slideshow of each yoyo's photos:

individual user's gallery
view slideshow of each yoyo's photos

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